Our team founded this website in order to focus on online games and the topics that are of most interest to online gamers. We tend to define online gamer as the kind of person that likes to share his or her gaming experiences with other people who have those same interests. The great byproduct of our mission is the amazing community that has sprung up around it.

Free-to-Play Games

A growing trend in the world of online gaming is free-to-play. The idea is that you can try these games with no strings attached. If you love them, you can continue playing for free, or you can pay money for cosmetic items, additional content and so forth. You’ll find that there are many F2P games accessible right from our site as well as our suggestions and opinions about them.

Gaming Elsewhere on the Web

We also focus on games around the Internet, including those that you have to purchase and download from platforms like Steam and Battle.Net. If you like playing Elder Scrolls Online or Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll find a wealth of resources here, including in-depth guides. We also provide avenues to start or join a guild, and you’ll find many team options for games like DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2 as well.

Live Game Streaming Plus Videos and Podcasts

Guides, wikis, articles, editorials and so forth are all very useful, but we really prefer reaching our audience in a more interactive fashion. We host at least one live stream nearly every night of the week. These streams give you the chance to check out new games and watch experienced players perform activities you’re interested in, such as run a raid in Destiny. We also upload numerous videos because reviews and guides are just more fun that way, and our podcasts allow for deep discussions and provide them in a format you can enjoy while working out or on the commute home from work.

Stretching Your Gaming Budget

Another area of focus is gaming budget. Online gaming can be expensive, and we work hard to help you stretch your gaming dollar. If there’s a sale on time cards or in-game currency, we’ll let you know about it. We also cover Steam sales and Humble bundles so that you can get those expansions you’ve been considering but haven’t bought yet.

Our Community

Our community really is something. The love and gaming camaraderie has blown us away, and we want you to be a part of it. Follow us on Twitter. Check out our Facebook page. Watch one of our streams tonight, or jump right in with a post on our forums. However you choose to participate, we’re confident that you’re going to discover some great gaming mates.

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