Maze And Tourist

Explore continent of Africa as a tourist and become familiar with its different countries and tourism attractions. During your long travel, you visit 15 different countries in Africa. Each country is considered as a level and in it, you will become familiar with that country’s name, flag, coat of arms, capital, official language and one of its most famous tourism attractions. In each level, you have to find your way through a labyrinth and reach your final destination which is one of the best tourism attractions of that country. There is also a timer and so if you don’t want to lose and earn all 3 stars in each level, you have to reach your destination as quick as you can. After reaching your destination, the next country will become available and you can travel to it using your private jet!!! This game can be very interesting and useful for kids because it gives them lots of information about African countries and make them familiar with these countries and their features or tourism attractions. Also the mazes in each level are not very difficult and are designed like this on purpose so that kids can solve them without getting tired or frustrated. If you want to teach kids about different countries and their tourism attractions in a fun and interesting way, this game is one of the best choices!

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