‘Basher’ is based on the ever popular Breakout style game and includes a level editor, so you can create your own levels.

The player controls the paddle with their mouse (desktop) or touch (touchscreen devices).

The main active element is the ‘energy ball’, which can bounce off the side and top walls. If the ‘energy ball’ is missed by the paddle, and passes through the bottom of the screen a life (‘energy ball’) is lost.

Some bricks require one hit to be destroyed, while others require two hits.

One Hit = red, yellow and blue bricks. Two Hits = black, lime green and orange bricks. Power ups aid the player in destroying the bricks or gaining extra lives.

B : Creates a barrier at bottom of the screen, that deflects the ‘energy ball’. M : Creates 6 Missiles, which destroy the bricks in one hit. + : Creates an extra life (‘energy ball’). x2 : Creates a bonus ‘energy ball’ which destroys bricks, but passes through a barrier if in place. The game is over when either all lives (‘energy balls’) have been lost or all 15 levels have been completed.

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