Ninja Pumpkin

You are a Pumpkin Ninja and your duty is to collect coins and destroy enemies! And because you are just an apprentice ninja, you are not allowed to use weapons and have to either jump on enemies’ heads or tackle them! By holding down the jump button (up arrow on keyboard or the up arrow on right side of the screen), you can jump higher and you can also tackle by down arrow or the down arrow on left side of the screen. You have to finish each level in 30 seconds and the remaining seconds is considered as your score. Also you have 3 lives by default and you can earn more lives by collecting coins. Every 30 coins will earn you one extra live that can be very useful in later levels! This game has 10 levels in total and will become much harder as you progress. ?Using the game’s project file (which we can send you after you have purchased it), you can easily edit the games’ level designs and even add new ones if you like. For changing the game’s appearance and sounds, you don’t need to have its project file or GameMaker Studio license and it can be easily done by replacing the default assets with new ones.

For playing this game, you can use touch in mobile devices and mouse in computer.

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